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Published: May 30, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

Convert Microsoft Word and RTF files to PDF.
-? [–help] Prints this help.
-h Displays this help.
-hx Displays this help.
[–close-after NUMBER] Close [NUMBER] documents after conversion.
[–close-after-all] Close all documents after conversion.
[–keep-first-page] Keep first page in output.
-n (–no-password) Do not ask for a password.
[–check-password] Check for a password before printing (never ask again).
[–ask-password] Ask for a password and store it (password-specific).
[–ask-pwd] Ask for a password, but store it to file.
[–progress] Print progress information.
[–silent] Print progress information, but don’t ask for a password.
-u URL USER-AGENT Host name or IP address.
[–base-dir BASE-DIR] Set default base directory.
[–continue] Continue after conversion of one or more documents.
[–html-file] Make an HTML file instead of a PDF document.
[–no-lines] Don’t count lines in HTML files.
[–text-only] Convert only text sections in HTML files.
[–win-password-prompt] Don’t ask for a Windows default password.
[–debug] Debug mode: show progress info.
[–geo-context] Convert to geo-context or pages of document
[–force] Overwrite all existing files.
[–default-encoding] Default encoding used for conversion.
[–no-reuse] Don’t reuse the same password.
[–password-format PASSWORD-FORMAT] Format used to store passwords.
[–only-convert-urls] Just convert URLs from internal documents.
[–password-file FILE] Store the password in this file.
[–password-file-format PASSWORD-FILE-FORMAT]
[–password-file-name PASSWORD-FILE-NAME]
[–password-file-password PASSWORD-FILE-PASSWORD]
[–password-file-url PASSWORD-FILE- 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is a software program that lets you create macros for Windows, so that you can easily perform certain tasks just by typing a few shortcuts. The utility is also capable of recording these commands, for playback later.
Simple setup and interface
Installing this application is a speedy process that doesn’t ask you to use special software or install third-party tools. The interface, however, doesn’t have an intuitive and friendly layout.
Once installed, the program gets run in the system tray, which can be easily moved around with a click of the mouse. The control panel is located in the Settings section, so you can go there whenever you need it, regardless of where the program is running.
Access the control panel by right-clicking the app’s icon
There are no built-in options, so getting started with this program is straightforward. The interface consists of a list of commands that are shown in order of their category.
The editor can be used to select one or multiple commands and their shortcuts, and then they are added to a list. An icon is provided so that you can send the command and shortcut list to the Clipboard.
Creating a macro and testing it
Once you’re ready to create a new macro, go to the Macros section and click the + button. This will start a new list of commands to include in your macro.
You can pick the type of command to include from the top menu or right-click it and select a specific one, if you want to. When you’re finished editing, click the + button on the bottom of the list.
The settings for the selected command will now be shown in the editor, as well as its parameters. You can edit these and add new ones, if you want.
Once you’re satisfied with the macros’ settings, click the Test Macro button to see if it works. If you’re done testing, click the OK button to accept the settings.
In conclusion, the interface is simple and basic, but it is easy to get used to.
Evaluation and conclusion
KeyMacro worked smoothly, without triggering errors or problems, in our tests. It uses the keyboard well, with no issues whatsoever.
The program’s settings are easy to edit, and there’s a lot of command types to choose from.
KeyMacro can be used to build complicated macros or shortcuts, and its settings are simple to edit.
QUICKSORT Description:
QUICKSORT is a handy utility that