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Published: June 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Offline playback of audio files require a dedicated application, which nowadays mostly reduces to look and feel. An abundance of applications managed to make a name for themselves throughout the years, but alternatives like JavaTunes don’t need to be overlooked. It comes with a decent set of tools, configurable interface, and option to grab lyrics online.
Perks of portability, and file support
Saving you the effort needed to go through a setup process, the application is good to go right after download. Flexibility stretches beyond portability, especially because it’s meant to run on Java, which means it is compatible with almost any device which has Java Runtime Environment installed.
Needless to say that the playlist is empty by default. Adding files is a walk in the park, with a simple option to simply drag an audio folder to have it, and all subfolders scanned, and supported files imported. With decent support, you’re able to enjoy songs under formats like OGG, FLAC, WAV, MP3, AAC, and ALAC.
Playback options, and online resources
Several tabs make it easy to access different areas of interest, such as songs, albums, radio, and statistics. The first is where all imported files are found, with a different list which is used for playback. A slim set of controls lets you initiate, and stop playback, adjust volume, and skip songs, but with no progress slider for content manipulation.
The list of functions is decent, but some require active Internet connection. For instance, radio connects to, with dedicated fields in the options menu for your credentials, while lyrics are also looked up online. Additionally, music charts can be downloaded so you keep up with musical trends.
On an ending note
All things considered, we come to the conclusion that JavaTunes is a lightweight, yet powerful audio player which also goes online to provide radio streams, lyrics, and trending top charts. However, it’s a little light on features when it comes to playback, and playlist management, but it’s surely worth a try overall.


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(1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)


An Android application with no online audio streaming, but for playback of audio files it can’t be ignored. JavaTunes comes with a big set of features, such as support for OGG, MP3, WAV, AAC, and ALAC files, plus an abundance of available streams. Download, and try for yourself.Features of appendiceal physiology that influence the response to conventional and direct appendiceal filling, and fluid infusion in man.
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• Play any songs online
• Lyrics and radio streams
• Search for songs online (scanning the whole database)
• Display albums and artists
• Support playlists
• Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod
• Play music offlineQ:

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Seeking a way to listen to what you like with a tiny footprint? Look no further, as JavaTunes is here to do just that, with awesome tools and even more light functionality. Get everything done with ease, without compromising on looks or performances.

This is merely 5% of what JavaTunes is capable of.

Since the first release, it has an abundance of features, including:
– Split selection (ie: your songs are split into folders for organization)
– Browser integration for selecting music
– Drag and drop support for saving songs
– Radio streams support
– Supports over 20 different audio formats
– Download radio stations to have them at-your-fingertips
– Playback of various formats
– Comprehensive controls for seeking, volume, and shuffle
– A radio mode which lets you stream radio stations and have a set of playlists organized
– Support for popular online radio stations, like and
– Playlists and charts support
– Lyrics support, obtained by passing a unique link to them

I have spent a few days before writing this review to see if there is a way to provide support for such an application. Thanks to its small size it is possible to obtain support from its author.

Please, send me any feedback you may have regarding the quality of the application (bugs, stability, etc.) and I will be happy to add it to my review.

Shoot me a message via email


Hi, I have a question. I’m using JavaTunes for Firefox 3.5.7 with the latest updates, is there a way to download any radio stream as a track file?

Miles Cronin

You can use the fetch radio feature to download the audio feed as a wav or mp3. Works great.


This is a great app, there’s nothing i don’t like about it, but it has some great features that may throw off users who are used to more options like.. mute, playback in other apps, podcast support.

Hello, it is working so good, but there are some problems, the first is the Android devices don’t have the app and the second is the radio streams don’t work always, I usually listen to Radio 2 with Ec

What’s New In JavaTunes?

“JavaTunes is the ultimate Audio Player for java platforms. It will put any audio into your ears.
The application is possible to include other browsers to download audio files while playing a song. The application will minimize from your desktop when it’s closed. It is very useful for WebScraping and audio search.
Lyrics to any song are possible to be viewed and downloaded.
The application is possible to be started from a GUI.
Internet connection is not required.”

AV_Set_Position audio player is a lightweight stand-alone audio player for Linux and Windows that supports most audio formats. The interface is simple and minimalistic, and the media library is loaded from the filesystem or a text file, which contains all your favourite tracks, with lyrics and cover art. It also supports PLS, OGG, ALAC, FLAC, and MP3 music, and downloads cover arts from online music stores like Amazon and Google Music.
Easy to set up, compact, and safe
AV_Set_Position works out of the box on Linux and Windows with no external dependencies, making it a good choice for a lightweight audio player. It comes with a neat menu, which makes it easy to access any action while audio is playing, like stopping playback, displaying artist and album information, and managing your library.
By default, the media library is set up as a text file, but it can be changed as well. With some lines of code, you’re able to fetch cover arts from online music stores, but the application obviously doesn’t require any Internet connection, so it is safe for any OS.
Playlist management, and fun to use
The application is a standalone player with no support for large libraries, but it does come with a neat feature to manage your queue. The current playlist and up to five favourites can be added manually, and then displayed. For all listed tracks, if they are played, you’re able to start, stop, skip, or modify playback speed.
AV_Set_Position will automatically track changes to your playlists, which is a great feature to have. Additionally, any audio files that are added or removed are listed in the current playlist, so the application will simply import the files, and you’re set.
On an ending note
Taking into consideration how simple and stable the interface is, we’re able to conclude that AV_Set_Position is a good choice for a

System Requirements For JavaTunes:

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