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A woman falls in love with a mysterious stranger, but when the secrets of his past begin to surface, it is in a strange situation. Chris Martin tells a fascinating story, where there is no right or wrong, only emotions.
5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)
Katniss Everdeen, Spartak and others: after Katniss killed his brother for the sake of the Capitol, it was immediately accepted into the ranks of the elite cannibal army. But in doing so it has caused anger of the people, and she had to go into hiding. It must prove its commitment to the Capitol. But while she was hiding, she has to find out why the rebels and former prisoners were allies, and why are they so admired Spartacus.
This is a story about becoming the leader that tells the viewer about what can happen when emotions are faced with a rational and sober thinking. The producers of this story began directing duo Francis Lawrence and Frank Darabont, and the title role in the film performed by Jennifer Lawrence.
6. Gannibal (Hannibal)

Hannibal Lecter: the legendary maniac has committed more than 800 murders, inspired a generation of writers and filmmakers around the world. The director of “Hannibal” – Barry Levinson, the founder of “Silence of the Lambs.” In this story based on real events, Dante Gabriel Rossetti tells about the personality of the outstanding serial killer John F. Kennedy.
One day he went to New York to take the blood test. When he brought the results of the laboratory, he was approached by John Lennon, who suffered from hepatitis C and I suspect that John is also a potential cannibal. They became friends, and always shared with each other biscuits and juice. At this time, Lennon managed to persuade him to get tested for the presence of virus. It turned out that Lennon struck the sight of blood, which was red and almost human. This unexpected turn led to the fact that they have become real friends. Levinson had to meet the challenge of recreating the events of the day, when they met.
7. Thirteen (13) (12)
In the late seventies in the USSR has just been released in theaters the movie “Pokrovsky Gates”. His characters, janitress Aunt Paula and her son Alex, entered into legend,