by theela
Published: May 31, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

Turn on/off your ON/OFF computer hardware.
This is a universal remote that will work with any brand of computer or audio system.
This remote can turn the ON/OFF state of many computer hardware devices and can also remotely control your computer with a click of a button. This includes turning on/off, pausing, playing, stopping, and many other functions. It can operate from up to 30 feet away!
Low battery detector:
When your laptop battery is about to die, it turns the power off and waits for you to replace the battery.
This is a universal remote that can automatically power on/off, or change your music volume, flash light, etc. when the battery charge reaches a certain level. It will also power on/off your computer, play music, etc. when you turn it on. It can also notify you when a new version of the software is available!
Note: The ZEN-V2 does NOT support the MULTI button, or volume buttons on keyboards.
Power via USB cable:
Can power ZEN-V2 from any USB cable, even when the AC adapter is unplugged! When the power is off, the ZEN-V2 will sleep for a few seconds to make sure you don’t have to deal with an unplugged AC adapter.
Intuitive button control:
The ZEN-V2 has 14 buttons for quick access to any number of functions.

This is a universal remote that works with many models of Apple computer and iPod.
The ZEN-V2 can control power, music, play, and screen saver on all models of Apple computers, including the 1st generation iPod Touch (iPod Nano).
5 Macro Channels:
Control up to 5 functions for a total of 14 buttons.
Built-in Macro mode:
Select one or more functions from up to 5 channels, and assign them to any key on the ZEN-V2 remote.
1. Remote “On/Off”:
Turns on/off your computer.
2. Remote “USB”:
Control your computer’s USB port to power on/off, turn music on/off, etc.
3. Remote “Volume”:
Increase/decrease the volume of your computer.
4. Remote “Media”:
Change the current song/radio station/TV channel.
5. Remote “Flame”:
Turn the computer screen on/off and select the screen 70238732e0

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1. Record and playback audio with your keyboard macro commands.
2. Macro recorder allows recording any keys combination up to 5 seconds long and choose the exact start and stop points.
3. Save the recorded macros into local macro files or send the recorded macros to the web servers.
4. Enforce your own password protection on the macro files.
5. Playback macro files in real time.
6. Ability to add parameter to macro files.
7. Drag & Drop files.
8. Ability to share macro files with other users.
9. Multiple macro files storage.
10. Ability to delete files in a list.
11. Set additional parameter to macro files.
12. Add dynamic names to macro files.
13. Configure the password of each macro files.
14. A few skins to give more visual style.
15. “Save As” function to rename the macro files.
16. Macro Auto Insert.
KeyMacro is a powerful tool to automate your boring task without leaving a trace on your system. It allows you to record and playback keyboard commands with custom timing, so you can use it to assist you when you are recording many keystroke activities.
KeyMacro is compatible with Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/2003/2000/ME and it works on all languages. It can be used to playback and record commands for Windows, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Flash, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Media Player, and many other program that require a keystroke to execute a command.
KeyMacro supports many features:
1. Save the recorded commands into local macro files or send the recorded macros to the web servers.
2. Share the macro files by sending the URL link to the other people.
3. Drag and Drop files.
4. Set additional parameters for the macro files.
5. Add dynamic names to macro files.
6. Configure password to the macro files.
7. You can change the look of KeyMacro by selecting a skin.
8. Add more buttons and menus in the main panel.
9. Configure the size of the text and font of the buttons and menus.
KeyMacro has been tested on all the Windows versions, all the browsers and all the program that requires keystrokes to execute a command.
KeyMacro will help you to do repetitive tasks, such as:
– Record many keystroke activities.
– Make your office