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Battling bandit Tomahawk-Tomahawk Bob!

Bob is a kiddie’s dream come true: His noise-free big kids playtime *never* turns into real discipline!But when Bob’s best friend, his little brother, goes missing, Bob must take matters into his own paws. Along with his annoying sister and their angry cat, Bob sets out on the road to solve the mystery of the missing Tomahawk. Will he be able to bring his baby brother home again?Wouldn’t it be nice to be ‘Tomahawk-Tomahawk Bob’?

Add-ons aplenty for Tomahawk-Tomahawk Bob!


1. Audio book-player – ‘Tomahawk-Tomahawk Bob Goes on the Hunt’. This is an audio book-player. You can listen to the story of a cute little boy while on the road. You will find that there is a “preview” button on the device, that will help you by scrolling through the pages of the book.

2. Mp3-editor-button – Lets you edit your MP3s! – The keyboard in front of the device can now be used for editing your songs. Perfect for cutting or trimming the ends of your audio files. If you have sound files in MP3-format, you can use this tool.

3. Mp3 Player – A music player; which you can use to play your own songs, or any other songs you have stored on your hard drive. The music player can help you to preview your audio files.

4. Mp3 cutter – Enjoy this intuitive app that will make a click in your taskbar and you´ll be able to edit your audio files. Using the simple and easy to understand interface, you’ll be able to cut, trim and edit your MP3s with just a few clicks.

5. Mp3 website editor -This is another element that can be added to the Tomahawk-Tomahawk Bob. It lets you show your own pictures or add an image gallery into your website. There is also the possibility to add your own text, which will appear above the image in a transparent window. This will let the visitor see and interact with your images, like a slideshow.

Bookmarks for your MP3s – The bookmarks can help you to keep the way you´ve saved your MP3s

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youtube to mp3 converter

After reading the tutorial, I decided to attempt to convert and upload my YouTube videos to Mp3 files for listening to them offline and to use on the go. It’s easy! YouTube to Mp3 Converter is specially designed to transfer video clips from YouTube to Mp3. It can convert 1080, 720, and 480p videos to MP3, AAC, or MP4 (including FLV, 3GP, and 3G2). You are also able to select the output quality, bitrate and even the sample rate. To edit the process, you can do it manually or set your YouTube account to download the converted videos automatically. In addition, it can even work with lots of flash/video players as an internet browser. Besides, the user-friendly interface and high output speed may make this software a good choice for YouTube video to MP3 conversion.

Features of YouTube to Mp3 Converter:

1. Convert 1080/720/480p Videos to Mp3 or AAC for MP3 Player
It can convert all YouTube videos to Mp3 or AAC files in almost any format supported by Windows Media Player and iPod.

2. Join YouTube Videos as Multiple Movies
Supports multi-segments video download.

3. High Quality and High Output Speed
Upgrade the output quality or set the video bitrate to control the output size.
Support for M4A and MP3 for iPhone and iPod.

4. Pre-Scan Video File for You
It can scan a video file for your preference and stop uploading if there is an interrupted one.

5. User-Friendly
The interface is pretty clear, and it is very convenient for every user to use.

6. Match Flash Media Player, MPlayer, and VLC Plug-in
Adjust the setting to match flash player, VLC, and MPlayer plug-in.

7. Preview or Search and Adjust
Preview or search the video and adjust the parameters.

8. Select the Output Folder
Select the folder that contains the converted videos for uploading to websites or sharing.

9. Manually Or Automatically Download
Supports to automatically download the converted videos to your computer.

10. Mp3 Quality and Bitrate

Specify the Mp3 quality from 128kbps to 320kbps or bitrate from 4Mbps to 20Mbps or the total size of the output file.

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Cut, trim or delete sound sections from your favorite music

View your music as waveform or as note wave

Simple and intuitive graphical user interface

Change the volume of your output file without altering the original


Runtime:.NET Framework 4.0


Graphics card: Must support Direct3D

Sound card: Must be able to play sound without a sound mixer software (otherwise, I can provide waveform of mp3 file containing silence)


File name:.mp3 file

At least 40 MB of free disk space

Annoying Pop-ups Block

While removing sections, the software may display a dialog box with the following announcement: ‘Your music is not correctly configured. Please close any applications (including Media Player Classic) and try again.’ This message appears sometimes if the music has been encoded with a codec that is not supported by Windows Media Player (for example, mp3 or m4a).

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Check out this video about a guy that takes control of your mind and leaves you hypnotized for about 1 hour.

This is a real case study where an experienced hypnotist was called in to examine a subject. Unfortunately, the outcome was not the intended one. Upon having the subject speak, the hypnotist could see how alert the subject was, and asked what he thought. Upon hearing that, the hypnotist stared at the subject for a minute or two, then asked if he was okay, and then suddenly he said: “Oh, I guess I made a mistake… I should have made you RELAX.”

This funny story was told to me by a close friend of mine, and serves as a great lesson in self-control. It is also something that should never happen to you when you are in a hypnotic state!

A very simple way to prevent these annoying dialogs is to limit the use of file associations to use only simple ones, such as “Image File/Edit”, “Video File/Edit”, etc. Here is an article explaining the proper use of file associations.

What is a POC?

What is a POC?
If you’re running Windows and the windows media

What’s New in the?

Tool to remove MP3 parts mp3 cutter. Author: x0rx Released: 2017

Overall, Audacity is an application used for audio editing, primarily used for the creation of audio files from scratch or for modifying those files already stored on your computer.
What Is It?
Audacity, as the name suggests, is a program for audio editing. The software is free and open source, which means that it is free and open to everyone.

This free program is available in 32-bit or 64-bit form. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and Mac OS X as well as Linux and UNIX platforms.
How Does It Work?
Audacity offers a more intuitive user interface than most other audio applications and, unlike other applications, it does not require an application with third-party libraries in order to run. Audacity is a real-time application, which means that you will be able to manipulate your audio files while they are playing, which is not the case for most other music editing software.

The application can also read and write MP3 files, and in this feature, it does not take a backseat to the other similar programs that offer such a feature.
What Else Is It Good For?
Audacity offers a wide variety of options as well as countless features that enable you to adjust and manipulate your recordings quickly and easily. Some of the tools that the program offers include the ability to join your files into a single file or, if you wish, to create a waveform that will give you the ability to easily analyse your recording, as well as create a graphic that will show how your tracks were recorded and how they will sound when they are played back. Audacity can create audio files for use in a wide range of applications from a simple tune to a complex piece of music and the choice is yours. The application can handle audio files with a wide range of audio formats such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, AVI and others. The program is very easy to use and you will not need

System Requirements:

Latest Driver from
PowerDVD, No DVD decoder
The Cracks HD video format is widely supported by most DVD players, but as different players support different features, some Cracks videos may not play as expected on your DVD player. If your DVD player cannot play the Cracks HD video, install PowerDVD, available for download from PowerDVD offers DVD playback, subtitle support, dvd menu support and special DVD features.
Winamp, No