by zebujil
Published: May 30, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

KeyMacro has many features that make it stand out from the competition. A few of these features are:
KeyMacro is a simple one key macro recorder that creates a unique keyboard shortcut for a selection of text. No mouse or pointing device is needed.
KeyMacro has a built-in spell checker, an auto-complete feature and contextual auto-replace to make typing or pasting information a quick and easy task.
KeyMacro is simple to use and allows creating customizations that are useful for specific tasks.
KeyMacro has a Live-Keyboard feature that allows users to create macros using the default keyboard layout.
KeyMacro has a Command-Line Function that allows you to run a script from the command-line.
KeyMacro allows the user to create keyboard shortcuts that can be used in any application. For example, you can use the following keyboard combination to quickly type a series of keywords:
Ctrl+Alt+K=Create new keymacro
Alt+X=Edit current macro
Alt+Y=New macro
Alt+C=Close current macro
Alt+Z=Save current macro
Alt+U=Undo last macro
Alt+D=Delete current macro
Alt+A=Apply all macro
Alt+B=Restart macro sequence
Ctrl+A=Run a command on all macrokeys
Ctrl+C=Copy text
Ctrl+D=Select all text
Alt+S=Select by regex
Ctrl+F=Find text
Alt+G=Go to selected text
Alt+V=Find in files
Alt+W=Find in comments
Alt+N=Find in libraries
KEYMACRO Download:
KEYMACRO Sourceforge:

The development team behind the Aquila Reader application has been working hard on its next version, Aquila Reader 2. The new version will come with a totally redesigned interface that looks more modern and dynamic, and it will also include a lot of improvements in terms of compatibility.
What’s New?
Version 2.0 brings significant changes and improvements. Some of the most important features that will enhance the reading experience of Aquila Reader 2 are:
New Interface: the new interface makes the application look a lot more modern and easier to use. The improved navigation and layout also make it much easier to find what you are looking for.
Table of Contents: 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is a simple and straightforward utility that is well-known among the Windows users. The program comes with an easy-to-use interface and features a variety of key commands that make it perfect for people who do not want to spend their time learning the arcane and complicated details of the program.
You can easily access most of the buttons and features of the program by moving the cursor over them or by hitting the desired key. You can install the new version directly in the computer without having to re-install the older version.
The program supports setting macros from one keyboard layout to another. You can also specify how often the same macro is triggered or whether you want to trigger it automatically.
The keyboard functions of KeyMacro include the following ones:
* Translating from one keyboard layout to another
* Performing different actions based on the current input source or input buffer
* Installing a macro on the next or previous key press
* Inserting characters such as commas, periods, tabs and others
* Auto-repeating a macro
* Re-shaping the keyboard layout
* Remapping a key
* Adding a new key
* Deleting a key
* Changing the state of a key
* Checking if a key is pressed
* Getting the current state of a key
* Writing to a file
* Finding the system keyboard layout
* Finding the previous or next key
* Asking the user to switch keyboard layouts
* Asking the user to select a key from a list
* Interrupting a macro
* Listening to the input buffer
* Using the Windows system sounds
* Changing the text font and color
* Testing whether a key is pressed
* Using the QuickEdit mode
* Changing the cursor position
* Translating the selected text to another language
* Inserting lines, paragraphs and new pages
* Deleting lines, paragraphs and new pages
* Changing the selected line to a different font
* Changing the selected paragraph to a different font
* Translating the selected text to a different language
* Creating a new window
* Opening the help file
* Saving the last key press
* Saving the last macro
* Resuming the previous macro
* Getting the current keyboard layout
* Remapping a key
* Setting the current keyboard layout
* Replacing the current input buffer with the old one
* Starting a macro
* Starting a new macro
* Getting the current keyboard layout
* Listening