by chachan
Published: May 30, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

The program is designed to be user-friendly,
and to make it easy for students to take timed tests or quizzes.
It includes more than 90 predefined examples with
preselected output types; it also has a built-in editor.
It supports four input types and two output types.
For a given input type, it calculates a result type of
one of these four output types: a boolean, a character, a decimal integer, or a decimal real number.
The calculation is performed in a manner
that is rigorous and unambiguous.
Supported input types:

Unicode hexadecimal string

Unicode decimal integer

Unicode decimal real number

Unicode string with radix 16

Unicode string with radix 8

The user can choose
either the first or the second of the pair of indices
that represents a string.

The following are the most common sample input and output pairs:

Predefined Examples:
There are more than 90 examples, covering
a wide variety of topics,


Alternative Definitions


Alternative Definitions


uniform(A, B, C,
…, Z)

alternativeDefinitions(A, B, C,…, Z)


tuple(A, B, C,…, Z)

alternativeDefinitions(tuple(A, B, C,…, Z))


tuple(Tuple(A, B, C,…, Z))

Tuple(A, B, C,…, Z)


Alternatives are subterms of a
named tuple term
with no free variables.

Alternatives are terms that can replace the
subterms of a named tuple term.

A named tuple term has the form
name ::= { name, { constValue,… } }

where name is an optional identifier and {… }
is a tuple of terms that do not have the name as a free variable.


(name, { a, { b } }) ::= (name, { constValue, { a, { b } } })

(name, { a, { b } }) ::= (name, { constValue, { c, 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is a powerful and easy-to-use macro recording tool. With KeyMacro, you can easily record all your repetitive keystrokes. It records not only the keystrokes you type, but also the mouse and screen movements. Once you have recorded the program and the time it was done, you can playback the macro. Once your job is done, you can click a button and automatically execute your recorded macro.
KeyMacro comes with a large number of features:
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* Record from websites.
* Capture the screen.
* Add button function.
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* Built-in tutorial.
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KeyMacro Description:
KeyMacro is a powerful and easy-to-use macro recording tool.