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In time, your computer might start to process at slower speeds, take more time to load specific applications or even become unable to run some of them.
Although you can rely on traditional methods, such as defragmenting, to restore its capabilities, turning to dedicated software solutions can prove to be more efficient. If you find yourself in the situation above, Remo Optimizer is one of the applications that can help you.
Plain user interface
This application comes with a basic, visually unappealing layout. However, this design features large buttons and intuitive functions that allows novices to understand most of its functions without having advanced PC operating skills.
Additionally, the top right corner of the screen displays basic specifications about your computer, such as model number, operating system or available memory and space.
Quick and easy scan
Remo Optimizer allows you to perform a system scan that can identify a wide variety of issues, ranging from COM & ActiveX objects to shared DLLs and empty registry keys.
You do not need to toggle any option before or during the scan, as the program automatically scans for issues and displays them in a list. On the downside, performing any other action until the scan is finished is not possible, as this feature is not supported.
Basic startup item scanner
This application identifies applications that are launched upon system start and allows you to remove them from startup and boost your computer's speed.
Furthermore, you can access a configuration section where you can adjust certain settings related to startup behavior, erasing methods, scheduled tasks and notifications.
Scheduled tasks
You can enable scheduling functions by toggling the weekdays and specifying the desired time. The application automatically perform scans at the date and time you previously defined.
To sum it up, Remo Optimizer is a helpful utility that can help you boost your PC's performance by identifying and removing certain unnecessary items. However, note that it features an unattractive interface and once the scan begins, it is not possible to perform any other action until it is finished.


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Configure startup items
Optimize startup
Scheduled tasks
Clean junk files
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Remo Optimizer Crack + Free PC/Windows

Remo Optimizer is a new PC optimization utility designed to work with any Windows operating system. Remo Optimizer continuously scans your computer and automatically identifies and removes the following:

– Startup Applications
– Processes
– Registry Entries
– Shared Registry Entries
– Scheduled Tasks
– Java Script
– Empty Programs
– Malware
– Drivers
– Downloader & Instant Download
– Trapped Programs
– Sitemap
– Websearches
– Close & Empty Registry Keys
– Programs Starting at Windows Startup

Remo Optimizer Features:

– Multi-PC Optimization (Windows 7/10/8/XP/Vista)
– Inventory Lists (CPU)
– Inventory Lists (RAM)
– Inventory Lists (Hard Drive)
– Inventory Lists (Sensitive Files)
– Inventory Lists (Browser Addons)
– Inventory Lists (System)
– Inventory Lists (Windows / Operating System)
– Inventory Lists (CPU / CPU Registers / RAM)
– Inventory Lists (Misc)
– Network Inventory Lists
– Disk Inventory Lists
– Task Bar Inventory Lists
– Directory List
– Process Explorer
– Remote Process Explorer
– Process Explorer (CPU List)
– Process Explorer (Memory List)
– Process Explorer (Heap List)
– Process Explorer (Scheduler List)
– Process Explorer (PE Viewer)
– Process Explorer (FileVersion List)
– Process Explorer (Junk Objects List)
– Process Explorer (Page File List)
– Process Explorer (Ports)
– Process Explorer (Parent Process)
– Process Explorer (System Process)
– Process Explorer (Hooks)
– Process Explorer (PPI)
– Process Explorer (Services)
– Process Explorer (Shell Hooks)
– Process Explorer (Registry)
– Process Explorer (DLL)
– Process Explorer (SZ & LNK)
– Process Explorer (HijackThis Log)
– Process Explorer (Mhook Log)
– Process Explorer (Systray Log)
– Process Explorer (Malwarebytes Log)
– Process Explorer (UAC)
– Process Explorer (Firewall Log)
– Process Explorer (History Log)
– Process Explorer (MRU View)
– Process Explorer (Close Windows)
– Process Explorer (Auto Shutdown)
– Process Explorer (Time Expanders)
– Process Explorer (Port Scan

Remo Optimizer Crack + Activation Code With Keygen

Remo Optimizer is a system analyzer that can identify and remove programs and files that are executed or used by a computer. As the name suggests, this application can help you achieve the best performance of the computer, making it boot faster and load applications without any delay.
The program features a quick scan that makes identifying unwanted elements easy and visual. You do not need to toggle any option, as the program automatically scans the computer and displays the results in a list.
Remo Optimizer – Advanced System Information
Advanced System Information is a tool that allows you to gain deep information about your computer. The feature comes with various categories that you can use to customize the information displayed.
All of the main hardware components can be identified, including those that are included in the system, audio, video, network, modems, etc.
Many of the issues that affect the performance of the computer are even displayed in real time by this tool, such as storage space used, number of opened files and empty links.
An interesting feature is the “System Info” tab, which displays information of interest to users. You can view information such as CPU usage, free disk space, total memory, information about the memory controller, etc.
Advanced System Information (Copyright 1994-2007 Zack Rusin, Tavis Ormandy, Justin Frankel)
Remo Optimizer – Advanced Startup
The Advanced Startup can be launched directly from the shortcut of any application. It is important to note that this feature is included to Remo Optimizer as a “synonym” for the Startup button.
The startup manager can be used to disable applications that are usually launched by the computer at startup. You can access this feature by clicking the icon located on the top menu bar. This tool is not included to any other tool included to the package.
It does not matter the operating system version used, since the function is available in all available versions.
Remo Optimizer – Shutdown
The Shutdown tab of the menu also represents the equivalent of the Startup “button”. You can use it to automatically disable the applications and processes that are currently running.
The same principle applies, as it is a feature included to the program and is not available to any other tab.
Remo Optimizer – User List
The User List allows you to add a list of users that the computer will recognize as its owners. You can specify the user name and the group that the user belongs to.
You can make the “Stop” and “Minimize

What’s New in the Remo Optimizer?

Remo Optimizer is a handy, free program that can help you identify and remove certain useless and unneeded items from your PC, thus boosting performance and reliability.
The program can identify common startup items and remove them.
Additionally, you can remove excessive left-over and unused data (if the program is correctly configured), empty registry keys and unused shared DLLs.
It is important to note that the application does not remove permanently unnecessary files, applications or registry keys. It is recommended to use manual methods, such as removing them manually, to do this.

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System Requirements For Remo Optimizer:

Can be installed on:
Minimum Requirements:
Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1
2 GB of RAM
8 GB of available hard disk space
4.0 GB of available DVD space
Physical RAM: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: 16GB
Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7 SP1 Minimum Requirements: