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SIM Manager Crack + X64

? Android v2.3 and up
? Fully customizable to meet your needs
? Works with the most popular mobile handsets: GALAXY S, GALAXY S2, GALAXY S3, GALAXY S4, GALAXY S5, Note 3, Note 4, GALAXY Note 1, HTC Incredible, Motorola Razr, HTC One, HTC One Mini, LG K3, LG Optimus G, HTC Desire HD, LG K10, HTC Desire Z, LG G.
? Designed to allow you to quickly manage all your SIM cards and device information – no more messing around with multiple programs to manage your SIM card, device, and recharge data. SIM Manager Product Key does it all, allowing you to keep track of all your SIM cards, devices, and recharge data in one place – just tap and swipe.
? Designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Work with nothing but SIM cards and devices, including multiple SIMs cards and cellphones or other devices.
? Setup the SIM card type, cell number, status, cell area, carrier, type of recharge, amount, date of expiry, notification type (data or SMS bundle, airtime, calendar, SMS or e-mail reminders), and reminders.
? See info on who’s calling, which SIM card is calling, when the call will be answered, number of missed calls, which line is on or off, when was the last call and when was the last SMS, and email or text messages sent.
? See free SMS messages received for any data or airtime.
? Compatible with all the most common US, European, and Asian mobile networks, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Rogers, Bell, SK Telecom, KPN, Orange, Cricket, T-Mobile, Virgin, O2, Metropole, Bigpond, Telstra, Grameenphone, and more. Also, get free SMS messages for data or airtime.
? The data screen allows you to make, confirm, and receive calls, as well as call and SMS scheduling.
? Set up notifications (calendar, e-mail, or SMS) to receive special alerts when it comes time for your SIM card to be recharged or for calls or SMS to be made.
? Works with USA, Europe, Japan, China, and

SIM Manager Crack

Price: Free

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SIM Manager Price

SIM Manager is a simple and powerful program which helps individuals administer all their SIM cards, devices and recharge data. The interface is straightforward and highly intuitive, meaning any type of user can work with this software utility without encountering issues. The main window is split into two sections: one dedicated to adding information and the other to managing it. In order to create a new SIM card entry, you have to input a large number of data, including cell number, country, network, type (prepaid or contract) and IMSI code. Details such as IMEI number, serial number, type (smartphone, cellphone, router, tracker etc.) make and model, are required when trying to add a device. Moreover, you should know you can assign a SIM to devices. This program also lets you add recharges, along with amount, date of expiry and type (data or SMS bundle, airtime), as well as calendar, SMS or e-mail reminders to recharge. All these types of notifications are free, supplied by Google Calendar. This means that if you are interested in setting up these notifications, you should provide a Gmail or Google Apps account. You should know this utility presents a question mark next to each code or piece of information you need to input. By clicking this, you bring up an explanation, so as to find out where a code is. All in all, SIM Manager is an efficient piece of tool which helps you manage your SIM card, devices and set up calendar, e-mail or SMS notifications when you require a recharge. During our tests, no bugs or crashes were revealed. SIM Manager Screenshots:

General: SIM Manager is available in version 6.4.7 that runs on Windows. It has been tested on Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista (32-bit) and Windows XP (32-bit). No issues have been found out of the ordinary during our tests. SIM Manager has been scanned for viruses by various antivirus programs, including Bitdefender Free Edition, Kaspersky Internet Security, F-Secure, Norton Internet Security and Avast Antivirus, and it has been found to be clean.

SIM Manager

SIM Manager – By

SIM Manager, By – Original and compatible software solution for managing your SIM card, devices, etc. You can create a new mobile plan, register a new device, check

SIM Manager For PC

SIM Manager has undergone constant change since its initial launch. Originally, it was an application that allowed SIM administration and creation of SIM cards. However, over time, it has evolved into a tool that helps you create not only SIM cards, but also devices, add telephone numbers to your SIM, and add calendar, e-mail or SMS reminders to your SIM.
In its latest iteration, SIM Manager is still available for Android, while Windows users can download the SIM database files and edit them in the computer.
SIM Manager Screen Shown on a Computer
SIM Manager Features:
Change IMSI.
Add a network’s name.
Change your SIM’s data bundle’s expiry date and amount.
View your existing SIM and information.
Rebuild and create a SIM from scratch.
View your existing device.
Assign a SIM to a device.
Attach calendar, e-mail or SMS notifications to a SIM.
Change the SIM’s type of data bundle and activation period.
Unlock or lock a SIM.
Delete a SIM.
Add a SIM with IMSI and/or IMEI.
Create a SIM from a IMSI or IMEI.
Search for SIMs.
View SIMs by a network.
Change your SIM’s type.
Edit or delete a calendar event.
Control your power level and text messages.

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What’s New In SIM Manager?

The SIM Manager software is a Java application which uses all Sim knowledge and options to verify the validity of the information you enter and to keep records.
When you first run the program, you should connect to your SIM card reader. Then you should select the information you want to see (SIM, IMEI, serial number, date of expiry etc.) and choose a location for all this information.
SIM Manager uses a zigzag map to show you the location and the corresponding SIM. You can click on it to open a window which shows you the most accurate and up to date information available on your SIM card.
The program is organized into two sections. The first one is the contacts screen, which is the equivalent to a SIM card, and the second is the settings page, where you can modify the various settings of your SIM.
In the contacts screen, the most important information is shown in the bottom left corner. You should use this screen to find all the relevant information to know how your SIM card and devices work. For instance, you can see the IMEI, if you want to know your mobile device’s number.
All the numbers you should input in the SIM screen are prefilled in this screen (aside from the SIM type, the country and the date of expiry). When a new device is added, the software automatically fills out this information when the SIM is removed and inserted in the device. When SIM is no longer used, your device’s location in the SIM manager gets transferred to the contacts screen.
SIM Manager settings
The Settings page gives you more details about your SIM card. This page contains two sections: general and license. The first one includes the phone number, code, network, country, date of expiry and IMSI code. In the license section, the information is detailed about the mobile number (subscription, etc.) and its expiry date.
SIM manager automatically updates your contact data and adds a print button to the SIM information screen in order to keep a backup of this information. You can also assign your SIM to a device and make changes to all the information you can see on the contacts screen.
SIM Manager can be used on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and ME.
An account is not required to use SIM Manager, so you can download it in the internet and install it. This software is free for use, so it is completely legal.
SIM Manager Benefits:
• Works with Windows XP

System Requirements For SIM Manager:

Mac OS X 10.6.4 or later
Intel/AMD Processor (Macs)
Core 2 Duo
320 GB hard drive space
1024×768 screen resolution
Web browser
No Internet connection needed to play.
Download Please note:
The game is not included in this download.
Other screen resolutions