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Cracked TC Games With Keygen is a simple utility application that makes it possible to connect your Android tablet or smartphone to your PC without connecting the device physically to the computer. Simply launch the TC Games application and its interface will show how to connect the two devices to your PC.
TC Games is a free application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
Why do you want to mirror your phone or tablet screen to the computer screen?
Mirroring your smartphone or tablet to the computer screen allows you to have a larger screen in the process without having to invest a lot in replacing your laptop or desktop monitor. This increases the productivity of your computer and gives you an excellent preview of your work without going over your smartphone or tablet’s display screen.
In addition, some people do not want to spend a lot of money to replace their computer screens, especially because some people do not have the budget to replace or purchase a new laptop or desktop monitor. This is the case of many emerging technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, where a connection between the mobile phone and the computer is necessary and something many people are not familiar with.
How can TC Games help?
The TC Games app enables you to connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your computer without connecting the phone or tablet physically to it. It is simple and easy to use; simply launching the application on your computer is enough for the app to detect the device and guide you through the next steps automatically, including connecting it to your computer.
Despite being a relatively simple app, it can be seen as an excellent solution for both Android and Windows users. After connecting the device, the application guides you through a simple wizard that allows you to switch between the phone and tablet modes with ease. It also warns you of your device’s status, meaning you are informed whether the phone or tablet is currently connected to a Wi-Fi network or a mobile network.
What are the limits of the TC Games application?
The TC Games has some limitations, namely the resolution, which is limited to up to 1080p and 60 FPS. It does not allow video or game recording, nor does it support the use of other third-party apps such as third-party keyboards or chat applications. For more information, follow the instructions provided on the developer’s website for the tool.


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I spent an hour searching for this app and finally found it on my Mac. I wish I would have known about this before I replaced

TC Games 1904 Crack Activation Key

Mirror Android Screen is a tool to mirror mobile screen on computer screen without rooting.
How to use:
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TC Games 1904 Crack+

TC Games is a versatile application that allows you to use your tablet or smartphone to connect your computer to play mobile games.
Thanks to an extraordinary mirroring mechanism, you can enjoy your mobile games on PC using keyboard and mouse.

TC Games is a tool that enables you to connect a smartphone, tablet and a PC and play games through your PC.
The tool needs a few steps to play games on your PC. First, you must install the application on your computer.
Next, you must turn on the camera and computer on your phone.
After that, you must connect the camera on your phone to the application.
The last thing to do is connect the app to your PC and tweak some settings.
Since there are many steps to follow to utilize the application, the developer of the tool has provided a set of detailed information about the process through the TC Games website.
The next section of the TC Games website includes an FAQ section containing common questions and answers regarding the app.
Here are the answers:
Q: What is TC Games?
A: TC Games is an application that allows you to use your phone to connect your PC and play mobile games.
The tool is available for Android phone users and tablet users.
Q: How to install the app?
A: To install TC Games on your computer, you must download and install the tool first.
The next step is to download the app and launch it.
Download and install the tool on your computer.
Connect your smartphone and computer to your router.
Install the application on your phone.
Q: How to use TC Games?
A: The following steps will allow you to play mobile games on your PC.
Install the app on your computer.
Turn on the camera and your PC.
Connect your camera to your phone and launch the app.
Select the application settings and customize them accordingly.
Adjust your device settings.
Q: How to set up TC Games?
A: In order to connect your PC and smartphone or tablet, you need to follow the steps in the brief guide below:
Download and install the TC Games application on your smartphone or tablet.
Connect the device to your network router.
Link the camera to your phone or tablet, then launch the app.
Customize the application settings and allow the camera to adjust automatically.

So basically you will be getting a tool that helps you to stream games from your Android device (phone/tablet) to a desktop computer

What’s New in the TC Games?

TC Games is a simple screen mirroring application for Android phone that lets you connect your phone to a PC. This handy tool can help you play mobile games on computer. It supports multiple screen resolutions up to 1080p and 60 FPS. It uses the minimum CPU power while maintaining a quality video output. You can pause and resume the screen recording in any moment while you play games. You can change the recording width and height from standard size to custom size. You can change the X and Y coordinates as well. It is compatible with the Android 2.3 and later versions.
TC Games Compatibility:
TC Games is compatible with most of the Android smartphones and tablets. You can check your device compatibility on the developer’s website. You can download the app directly from here.
Easy to use and effective with a lot of features
TC Games is an effective app that offers a wide variety of features for anyone who wants to play mobile games on PC. After you installed the app on your computer, you need to connect your phone by USB the first time as recommended. In the eventuality that the app does not recognize the smartphone or tablet you just connected, then you should restart your PC and phone. In addition, you should enter the phone’s settings and make sure that the USB debugging is turned on.
The next step entails you scan a QR code provided to grab and install the TC Connection Assistant, after which the new app enters the Developer Options settings on your phone automatically. Take note the scan of the code needs to be done with another third-party app that you can grab from Google Play.
It is important to note that the tool comes with extensive documentation that provides clear details and steps to follow for a wide variety of errors you may encounter. Therefore, do not hesitate to check it out on the developer’s website.
A handy tool for anyone who wants to play mobile games on PC
Regardless of the reasons why you want may want to mirror your tablet or smartphone to your computer screen, TC Games is a reliable tool that supports a customized resolution of up to 1080p and 60 FPS. Moreover, you can do HD recording, pause and recover at any time while using as little of the PC’s resources as possible, namely lower than 5% CPU occupancy.
TC Games Description:
TC Games is a simple screen mirroring application for Android phone that lets you connect your phone to a PC. This handy tool can help you play mobile games on computer. It supports multiple screen resolutions up to 1080p and 60 FPS. It uses

System Requirements:

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