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Published: June 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

There was a time when compression was used as a method of splitting large content into multiple packets of smaller size to make distribution easier. Nowadays it's mostly used as a method to prevent important content from being infected by malicious apps. Amongst other industry giants that managed to make a name for themselves, you can use The Self-Extractor to easily create simple, self-extracting archives.
Lightweight and easy to use
Once the application is downloaded, you can go ahead and take it for a spin because it doesn't require an installation for proper functioning. This means you can also take it with you on a removable storage device to use on the go, while the target computer's registries remain intact.
The main window is pretty simple and doesn't pose any accommodation problems. You can either target a single file or the content of an entire directory, with a simple toggle button put at your disposal. Sadly, the application doesn't integrate itself in the context menu, nor can you simply drag items of interest over the main window to get them ready.
Add parameters and customize the output file
Additional options can be handled before piling up your selection of files in a self-extracting executable. Title and text can be changed, as well as an option to add a logo which needs to be under the PNG format. For security reasons, the application lets you add a password to prompt you before extraction.
Furthermore, custom parameters can be attached to the executable file for more or special functionality. There's also an option to make the archive ask for administrator rights. Compression methods range from none at all to high level compression, but this can result in slow processing.
Speed is decent, both for creating an archive and extracting content, but could do with a little more. Depending on the configurations you made, the extraction window prompts you for requirements, to pick a destination, after which hitting the “extract” button unpacks content and makes it usable.
A few last words
On an ending note, The Self-Extractor is a suitable alternative to common archiving utilities. This is because it lets you select various compression methods, add a password and customize the archive file with icons and parameters, while the delivered result doesn't require any other application and can be launched from any Windows system. Portability further adds to practicality, making this program worth a try.









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The Self-Extractor is a free utility for creating self-extracting archives.

? Creating compressed self-extracting archives

You can select individual files or entire folders to create a self-extracting archive file.

? Compressing files or folders using seven different methods

You can choose between the following methods:

– BZIP2: This is an extremely fast compression method that produces small sizes.

– LZMA (zlib2): This uses a well-known compression method to produce large file sizes, but with medium compression.

– ZIP64: This is the most common type of archiving method. ZIP64 files have large sizes.

– GZip: This is another common method of archiving. GZip files have sizes similar to ZIP64.

– RAR: RAR is a particularly large compression method that produces compressed archives with large files.

– ARJ: ARJ is a very large compression method that produces archives with a large size.

? Configuring the archive file with a password

You can configure the archive file with a password. This prevents anyone from extracting the archive.

? Adding a logo to the archive file

You can specify an image to use as a logo.

? Compression options

You can also customize the compression method used.

? Specific settings you can control

You can use specific settings to change the compression method or set certain parameters for the archive file.

? Creating self-extracting archives that run from any Windows system

You can deliver your archive file to a target system without any other applications.

? Compression and extraction speed

You can choose the compression method to use, and how fast the extraction process is.

? Archive file characteristics

You can control what the archive file looks like, such as its size, format, title, text and a logo.

? Interface

You can choose which icons to use and the title and text you want to see.

? Running the application and working with files

You can run the application and work with files from Windows explorer.

? Support

You can get technical support via email.

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Create compressed

The Self-Extractor

The Self-Extractor is a flexible utility with high compression rate. It’s a standalone application and doesn’t need to be installed to use it. It bundles various archive formats for various content and creates self-extracting archives with a simple preset selection of files for easy distribution.
Moreover, it enables you to customize the appearance and content of your archives. The program also lets you include other files such as your OS’s requirement manifest or some system tool along with your application.
Finally, there’s an option to provide an administrative password to prevent unauthorized access. It extracts the package in a secure manner, while the extraction process can be controlled with various options such as file size, bit rate, password, and bandwidth.
Some of the supported file types are exe, ocx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, zip, cab, msi, cab, bat, rar, cabextract and more. See the full list of available formats here.

The Self-Extractor provides multiple features for the user that uses it. The program is very useful for the users when they want to make their own archive. It can create self-extracting archives for any file, but it is only recommended for the users who are not familiar with the file types.
It can be used for several purposes and most of them are simple and easy to use. It can be used for:
* To distribute web applications
* To make archive of any file including internet applications and other files
* To compress any file
* To compress any internet applications and other files
* To create an archive in several formats
* To make an archive including system requirements and other files
* To compress the file with a password
The program comes with the basic requirements and some additional features. One of the best things of the program is that it is a standalone application and does not need an installation for proper function. It can be used as portable application.
Additional features
* An option to add text and title to the created archive
* An option to add some extra files like, system requirements, OS-created icons and text, and others
* An option to configure the created archive before extracting it
* An option to add a password to prevent unauthorized access

The Self-Extractor Description:
The Self-Extractor is a portable application that bundles multiple archives, while creating self-extracting archives. Thus, it can help a user to make the documents easily distribut

What’s New in the?

The Self-Extractor (abbreviated as SE) is a standalone software application to create self-extracting archive (SEA) files.
A self-extracting archive is a special type of archive file, which doesn’t require any other application or setup to extract the data it contains.
The Self-Extractor works the same way other standalone archiving tools do. It creates the self-extracting archive from multiple selected files or a folder, then it creates a standard or self-extracting archive file, with a title, icon, text and password.
Once the archive has been created, the Self-Extractor unpacks the content and stores it in the location specified in the configuration.
Configuration Options:
– Title and text:
– The application can add an optional title and text to the archive. The text can be any kind of text that goes well with the archive. If there is no text, the default text is “[Title] – [Version]”.
– Create Self-Extracting Archive file:
– You can choose to create a standard self-extracting archive (with a file extension ) with the default title or create a self-extracting archive file that stores the files in a different location (with a file name extension ).
– You can also choose to create a self-extracting archive with a password and create the archive with only the default title without any text at all.
– Logo:
– To create a self-extracting archive with a custom logo, you can provide a.ico file in your archive. To do so, you can either place it somewhere inside the self-extracting archive or in the same folder as the archive.
– Customized:
– The application can be customized for your specific needs. You can choose between applying the icons, text, location or the default title of the archive, as well as choosing between the built in or the user-defined compression method.
– Compression type:
– You can choose between using no compression or the built in compression methods of the standard file compression library.
– Execution permissions:
– You can choose to prompt or automatically run the self-extracting archive with Administrator rights.
– Destination folder:
– The application can detect the folder and files that are the intended destination, and it can even create a self-extracting archive from a specific folder only.
– Icon:
– To

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
Intel, PowerPC, or 64-bit ARM CPU (Thumb2-only, 512MB of RAM, and 2GB of disk space)
1GB of memory
OS X 10.6 and 10.7 are both supported on PowerPC Macs (although only 10.7 is supported on Intel-based Macs)
Install the program and all the necessary files by using the installer provided on this page. For an overview of what the tool is capable