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Published: May 30, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

Record keys and macros by simply clicking your mouse, using the pre-defined hotkeys or by simply typing text on the keyboard. Keymacro is a powerful and easy-to-use software package, with help of which you will never have to write any keystrokes by hand again. You will be able to record a single keystroke to…

A cloud management software called Amihan lets you monitor, manage, diagnose and analyze your on-premises & cloud Windows Server and IIS. You’ll be able to get insight into everything in your environment, including performance, availability, security and the traffic/usage of resources, like CPU, RAM, hard drives and more.
The application works as a central repository, storing all your settings, configurations and reports, and can be accessed from any device. You can even publish reports to your website, email or print, depending on your convenience.
The tool not only monitors, but can also handle your servers, which means it has the capacity to restart, shut down or reboot them if required.
Amihan features advanced web-based console, desktop and mobile apps. With the desktop and mobile apps, you can browse and manage servers from anywhere, such as your own home or office. You can also access your servers from your mobile device.
A new feature called the…

Search Engine is a software utility designed to organize your files and folders, preventing it from becoming cluttered and messy. You can add or delete folders, tags and sub-folders in just a few clicks, and the application will organize them as you wish.
When using the Search Engine, you can type text within the search box to look for files or folders. You can find them in a list, allowing you to drag and drop them to a destination folder or move them around.
In addition to the standard features, the application also comes with a set of cloud functions that lets you upload and retrieve files from a remote server. This feature is useful if you want to use your computer on a public network, because it means your files won’t be stored locally.
There are no preset limits for the size of the files and folders, so you can freely add and organize them as you wish. Once the…

Easy Data Backup is a convenient and powerful application for backing up, restoring, recovering and imaging your data.
It lets you create incremental and differential backups. Your data is securely stored in the cloud. You can also schedule automatic backups, and schedule regular 70238732e0

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“Ethics Beyond High School” was written by Mr. Thomas F. Racliffe.
This book focuses on the ethical implications of use of the Internet in today’s schools. Internet-based educational programs have become an integral part of the learning process, and educators are faced with a new set of ethical dilemmas as they address issues of Internet safety, content, and intellectual freedom.
The author uses three case studies to show how the ethics of academic integrity, technology, and pedagogy all play a role in our Internet-based educational programs.
This book is divided into two sections: the first is entitled “Educational Ethics,” and the second section is “The Internet and Your School.”
The first chapter in the book is entitled “Educational Ethics,” and contains an explanation of the concepts of Pedagogy, Technology, and Integrity, and how they relate to the Internet.
The second chapter is titled “The Internet,” and it deals with the history of the Internet and the security concerns surrounding it.
“Ethics Beyond High School” gives teachers, counselors, and students a better understanding of the importance of academic integrity in the use of the Internet.
This book provides teachers, counselors, and parents with a good understanding of the importance of ethical Internet use in our educational programs.
Thank you for choosing NetRatings and its great selection of educational titles, including:
Knowledge in 3 Dimensions – Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Description:
Knowledge in 3 Dimensions (K3) Science Education series is designed to allow students and teachers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the biological, chemical, and physical sciences through inquiry-based learning. Students build scientific knowledge, investigate the application of scientific principles, develop creative problem solving skills, and enhance their ability to communicate and reason with each other.
Scientific Method Approach:
K3 Science Education series guides students to scientific reasoning and problem solving by using the scientific method as a model. Students engage in a deductive reasoning process which leads them to testable hypotheses based on their observations. They use a variety of manipulative and laboratory experiments to collect data, interpret the data, and come to scientific conclusions.
K3 Science Education series emphasizes student’s development of a number of important scientific ideas, including chemical concepts, cellular structure and function, physical concepts, energy concepts, diffusion, evaporation, electrochemistry, crystallography, thermodynamics, and much more.
K3 Science Education series provides for both written