by jairgavr
Published: May 31, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

The combination of LISCAD’s S.E.E. module and KEYSEL, a module that converts information obtained from sensors and dataloggers, into engineering variables for soil and vegetation modeling.
LISCAD C.A.D Description:

Thanks to LISCAD’s C.A.D. module, users can draw plans and maps and simulate all the operations they need to perform with the data from the devices of land survey in their office and at home.
LISCAD Resource Editor Description:

LISCAD Resource Editor is designed to offer users with the means of customize their own resources, namely ‘Symbol’, ‘Line’ and ‘Font’ libraries, but also with the means of draw plans, charts, plots and maps.
LISCAD S.E.E. Description:

With the help of LISCAD S.E.E. users can perform various analysis and processing operations, such as ‘Computations’, ‘Field Transfer’, ‘Transformations’, ‘CAD Output’, ‘Terrain Modeling’, ‘3D’, ‘Volumes’, ‘Data Conversion’ or ‘Profiles and Design’.
LISCAD itself also offers a large range of tools, namely ‘Utilities’, ‘Field Transfer’, ‘Computations’, ‘Transformations’, ‘CAD Output’, ‘Terrain Modeling’, ‘3D’, ‘Volumes’, ‘Data Conversion’ or ‘Profiles and Design’.
Browsing the resources of LISCAD
Users can access the library of symbols to design any symbol they need, so as to be able to reproduce on their plans and maps.
Users can also open the library of lines, the library of fonts and the library of graphics, to draw the lines and fonts that they need, while the library of graphs can be acquired to draw the diagrams they need.
Connecting to the devices of land survey
LISCAD offers an export function that allows users to connect to the devices of land survey, which enables them to import data from specific file formats and functions, such as the ones of WMS (Web Map Services), WFS (Web Feature Service) or WCS ( 70238732e0

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